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Smart California Investment Options

Upgrade your porfolio with short term high yield investment options. Better than bonds or stock. Secured by trust deed.

Fun Fact about RE

High return on your investment – Borrowers who can’t qualify through banks will put their deed of trust to secure your investment. Investors who want to fix and flip the property or any other scenario where people need to refinance or borrow money. This creates a great opportunity for investors like yourself to gain high yield returns.

Title insurance options, maximum security as a lender

With title policy in place you can protect your own interest in case you need to sell the loan to other markets. It’s also a good second opinion from insurance company on the property in question.

You are in driver seat, each document goes to your inbox

Most of our investors are experienced and like to physically inspect the property before they invest. With us you are in full control of how much you invest, and where. All the documents will be sent to your email or faxed to you for a review before making any decision. You can asses the risks yourself and evaluate the property.

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We offer:

Great return on investment
Safe and secure investing
Monthly interest payments available
Full security when you invest your cash.
High rates on your money
Deals tailored by you
Fixed return rates
Strict underwriting to reduce the risks
Investment protection by property
Double digit returns