Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2017-12-15T00:59:44+01:00


What states do you lend in?

Currently only in California. We serve CA broker and agent community


What are your loan products?

Residential, commercial, industrial, multi-units, mixed-use.
Refinance options up to 65% LTV. 1st and 2nd trust deeds. In most cases no bank statements, W2’s, or tax returns required

Will the loan costs be included in that loan?


How do you prequalify loans?

We have in house underwriter, making qualification process fast and simple.

Do you lend on residence?

This is depends on deal per deal basis. We would have to see the details.

Are there any lending minimums? 

$50,000 is the minimum that we lend

Do you offer 100% financing?

No, no matter how good the deal is

What is your maximum loan to value?

Our loans must not exceed 65% -70% (case by case basis)

Do you require any up-front fees to underwrite a potential loan?