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Your True Partner

If your clients require short term financing with minimal paperwork, quick closing and hassle free process, please contact us and go over the specific details of the deal and get it funded fast.

We are unique – we don’t work with borrowers, we only server California’s broker & agent community. We offer competitive pricing, great terms and protect your relationship with your client.

Become our partner and enjoy these benefits:
-Minimal Paperwork
-Quick Processing
-Fast Approval
-Flexible Pricing and Underwriting

Call now for more details:

310 456 4448

We don't get paid unless you do!

Working with us means pleasant people, true partner and someone who is always available for you. In house processing and underwriting meaning that you get paid fast and fair. 

No Upfront Fees | Brokers are protected  | In house underwriting 

We know how to appreciate your hard work

2 Closed Deals / month – free 1st tier marketing

4 Closed Deals / month – free 2nd tier marketing

Let’s grow together


Free Marketing For Our Partners

  • Email Marketing - tier 1

    30,000 emails from our Amazon servers. 100% inbox rate. Clean server and fast sending.

  • Free Website, Landing Page - tier 1

    Free 5 page website or a landing page. It doesn't even have to be you on the page, as long as the marketing purpose is for your business

  • Flyer Creation - tier 1

    Creating graphic design for marketing to go along with email marketing or website

  • Telemarketer - tier 1, tier 2

    Native English speaker, polite and experienced. Tier 1 - 10 hours per week, Tier 2 P/T telemarketer

  • Cloud Based Call Center - tier 2

    Fastest calling available, no money wasted. Free minutes, local number, 2+ lines, cleans up disconnected and bad numbers + free leads if you don't have your own

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (Google, Facebook) - tier 2

    Have Google partner design and run your pay per click campaign for free + budget from $500 +

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